Film Convention: London Film & Comic Con Winter 2014


18th October 2014 | Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London

With the summer’s LFCC barely behind me, I’m already looking forward to the next one: Winter is coming! (I think that’s right, I dont do Game Of Thrones, meh!). October and time for LFCC Winter, hooray! After a hugely entertaining experience with my first ever cosplay  in the summer, I’ve decided to go in costume again. But not as the Comedian. No, this time I’ll be a symbol. Something elemental. Something terrifying...

Yes, I’ve decided to go the whole hog and just become Batman!

But when it comes to choosing a version, I’m spoilt for choice. There’s Adam West’s tights-wearing rendition, complete with painted-on eyebrows. Erm, no. Maybe the more modern looking Michael Keaton version? Very cool looking but extremely hard to pull off on my budget. No. I'll just quickly skip over Val Kilmer's attempt... And DEFINITELY ignore the fact that George Clooney's version even exists! So that just leaves... the brooding, darker, Christian Bale incarnation of the Dark Knight. Yes of course there was only going to be one choice wasn’t there! “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself”.

The suit will be slightly easier for me to assemble compared with my Comedian outfit. Once again I’m on a strict budget so I’ll have to be slightly creative. Realistically I won’t be producing a movie-ready costume, but I don’t exactly want to end up looking like any of these guys either...

Oh wait, that last one was Clooney again. I actually end up selling my Comdian costume so I can put the funds towards this project. Here it is in all its glory:

Not a bad match. For the cowl and neckpiece, I contact a specialist mask maker who creates movie-perfect moulds. As this is essentially the centrepiece of the outift I don’t want to cut corners here. The suit is a cheap The Dark Knight imitation I import from China. Comes complete with trousers and top, shoulder pads and cape.. That’ll do nicely for a convention! For the gauntlets and utility belt, I find a laughably simple solution: Toys R Us! Yes they’re just kids toys (no one will know!). The gloves are just a pair of motorbike gloves I find second-hand that match Batman’s almost perfectly. Lastly, the boots are replica Batman ones once again purchased rather cheaply. Slap it all together and I am immediately transformed into Gotham’s Dark Knight! Right, so onto the event itself...

Opting to travel by car again (for obvious reasons!) myself and sidekick ‘Nien Numb’ make our way to Earls Court for the second time this year. The underground car park is filled with geeks changing into their alter-egos.

We make our way inside. At the entrance sits James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5. As cool as it is, Batman wouldn’t be caught dead driving that! Ahh the familiar sights and sounds of a convention: a geek's paradise. The venue fills by the afternoon but is nowhere near as busy as summer’s event. I spend most of the morning swamped by fellow geeks wanting to have their picture taken with Batman.

I’m also approached by a TV crew conducting interviews with the cosplaying geeks. I can barely hear anything from inside my cowl so I adopt the method approach and just sneer alot. Some of the smaller kids stare at me in awe, some of them cower behind their parents in fear. After spending a few hours in costume, I decide to have a breather for the rest of the day. It’s getting hot in that mask! I step outside and a Spider-Man immediately rushes over to take some photos and film me for his YouTube channel. I’m vaguely aware of a Harley Quinn cosplayer who creeps up behind me and tries to intimidate me as our characters would do so in a comic book. I just glare at her and she sulks off.

A quick change back into normal clothes and it’s time to meet the two Battlestar Galactica guests on my list. First is Katee Sackhoff who plays Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace. She’s pleasant enough and we engage in a bit of banter.

Next to her sits Michael Trucco aka Samuel Anders. He’s a true gentleman and is clearly enjoying his experience chatting to his fans. He takes his time to make sure he chooses a nice silver pen to sign with. When he's done he admires his handywork: "That looks baddass doesn't it" he says. I would have to agree!

Nien Nunb and I then have our obligitory wander around the stalls. Nothing out of the ordinary to report on here. The Cosplay Parade is about to start so we have a peak. The parade is the chance for cosplayers to strut around on a stage and show off their costumes, mimicking their character's poses, and it's great fun to watch! When the parade is over we decide to head home. Since I’m getting used to this cosplay lark, I might just build up the courage to enter the parade at next year’s con, but who knows. Anything can happen when Batman’s about...